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6 Apples : 6 Christian Values




Caring and Sharing


Christian Roots

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Class 2 News

Although the Great War cost Britain many hundreds of thousands of men, we also wanted to celebrate that the war ended in 1918 so within our RE lesson we used poppies on a cross to mark the loss with a background of bright colours or patterns to celebrate the end of the war.

Our English this week has moved onto writing inspired by a short Pixar film 'The Blue Umbrella'; this links to our whole school topic of Weather. The film has no words therefore we have been focusing on using rich vocabulary and sentence stacking to create vivid descriptions. We will build our writing over the next 2-3 weeks to create a narrative for the film. Here are some examples of paragraphs and sentences from this week:

We have moved onto learning about forces in science and we have focused on investigations. Year 2 have investigated the bounciness of balls and the stretchiness of different materials. Year 3 have been using newton meters to measure force.


Class 2 have been working hard on their dragon texts in writing we have completed instructions and this week children have all created a dragon of their choice and written a dragon information text based on the birds of prey information cards we saw at the National Birds of Prey Centre on our visit.


maths this week we have focused on money using the place value and addition and subtraction skills we have been practising this half term.


The highlight of the last couple of weeks has definitely been our trip to the National Birds of Prey centre and Helmsley Castle. We all had a fantastic time!



Please see the most recent Class Information letter (link on right) for more information about what we're covering this half term.