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Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil premium is funding that we receive from the government in addition to our main school funding, to benefit pupils who are deemed to be from a disadvantaged background.  Specifically, Pupil Premium funding is targeted for those pupils in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) or those who have received FSM in the last 6 years (Ever6) or have been ‘looked after’ by the local authority continuously over the last 6 months (CLA).  There is also a smaller amount of funding for pupils who have a parent in the Armed Services.  Though there is no specific directive on how the money should be spent it is clear that the money should be spent in initiatives which narrow the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achievers and to overcome any barriers to learning.

 “The governing body has ensured that the pupil premium funding has been spent wisely, including extra resources for mathematics, one to one and small group support.” Ofsted 2013


 Pupil Premium Strategy Report

Click here for our pupil premium strategy report 2018-19 

Click here for the pupil premium expenditure & impact statement 2017-18


Click here for our draft pupil premium strategy report 2017-2018


Click here for our pupil premium reviewed strategy report 2016-2017


Please click on the link below to see our impact statement for previous years.

Pupil premium funding and impact overview 2014-2017 



“Inspection evidence and current school data affirms that…pupils supported by pupil premium, including those known to be eligible for free school meals, performed equally as well as their peers overall” Ofsted 2013