Year 6’s return to school after lockdown – June 2020 

It’s been great to come back to school, to see all our friends and teachers, not to mention the welcome back to school biscuit treat at playtimes. Delicious!

It’s lovely to have different people to talk to again.  It’s still hard because we have to stay apart and be socially distanced. We have had to be innovative and think of lots of new playground games and reinvent our old ones! New favourites have included hurdles at lunchtime.

We have been doing a mixture of school and home learning since the beginning of June. We have continued with our Maths and English but have also continued with all areas of the curriculum. This week we have been learning about ‘Black Lives Matter’. We have looked at the news and the protests and peoples’ experiences with racism. It really is so important that people speak out!

We have made mosaics in art and loved exploring our amazing grounds in Forest School. We made paths and trails through the wilderness! It was such fun doing it, we used it as a stimuli for our English writing and it most certainly was a memorable activity for all.

We have all enjoyed our transition work for secondary school and looking back at our memories, learning experiences and achievements from our time at Husthwaite.

‘My biggest achievement was being on the school council and getting to contribute to the whole school.

‘My lifelong learning experience was on our Crucial Crew trip. I know never to take sweets from strangers and how important it is to keep yourself safe when out and about in the community. ‘

‘My favourite memory was when we went to York Winter Wonderland Ice Skating. It was great fun, especially when even Mr Chapman our class teacher fell over!’

This is now our final week of Primary School. We can’t believe the time has come to say goodbye. We will be having a very different Year 6 Leaver’s Service this year, but feel lucky knowing that we have all managed to come back together and be together to end our Primary school years.

We are sad to leave Husthwaite, but excited at the prospect of moving on to the next part of our learning journey to secondary school. Good bye Husthwaite.

Year 6 Children, Husthwaite Primary School