Eco Schools


The Eco Committee and School Council at Husthwaite CE Primary School have successfully achieved the Eco Schools Silver Award.  After carrying out an environmental review last year they wrote an action plan to help them meet the criteria.

The school has worked together on reducing energy and water consumption and participated in national events including switch off fortnight, waste watch, the RSPB bird watch and What’s Under our Feet campaign.  The Eco Committee have held assemblies to highlight issues surrounding pollution and landfill and made everyone aware of their own Eco Code and Promise.  Pupils participate in weekly outdoor learning that has seen them build a fire pit where they toasted marshmallows, worked on the wildlife garden to encourage insects and understand aspects of biodiversity, grown vegetables and given them to the cook to use in school meals and make our own compost.  Children had fun and games with Power Down Pete who gave them all challenges and the Yorkshire Rotters held a composting workshop.  Global perspectives have also been covered in topic work on India and Africa as well as climate change in science lessons.  All pupils know the principles behind the Eco Code of reducing/recycling/reusing and are proud to help look after their environment and making a difference to their world.

Members of the Eco Committee and School Council