Husthwaite’s Sport Development & Sport Premium Funding

The government has given all schools additional funding to promote PE in schools. We are using the funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision at Husthwaite Primary School.

Funds have been ‘pooled’ within the local cluster of primary schools to employ specialist PE coaches and PE teachers who will work in our school to:

  • Provide high quality PE lessons whilst also working alongside teachers in their lessons to increase their subject knowledge and PE skills.
  • Provide a range of extra-curricular sports clubs run by existing members of staff and specialist coaches (running, netball, football, multi-skills)
  • Coordinate and run cluster sporting competitions and events throughout the academic year. (All cluster sports events cover a range of activities including cross country, tag rugby and multi-skills.)

“Extra funding to support the development of physical education and sport is used very well”.  “Leaders have used the funding to provide specialist sports coaching and broaden pupils’ experiences” Ofsted 2019

How are we making sports provision and improvements sustainable for the future?

The standard of curriculum PE has improved and continues to be reviewed (see the current PE curriculum here).

There exists a very positive attitude from children when working with the sports coach which encourages the engagement and inclusion of the children in new activities.

Positive feedback has been given by staff from working with the sports coach and they continue to gain knowledge and experience from workng with this dedicated resource.

The transfer of knowledge gained from specialists is being encouraged through the recording, monitoring and modelling of good practice.

The school offers a full range of sports including an annual dedicated Sports Week linked to the School Games each year.  The high quality equipment / resources have resulted in positive experiences of PE for the children.

Links established with local clubs signpost child onto other activities in the community and are displayed on the School Games noticeboard in school.

Primary PE & Sport Premium Statement

Our aim is to ensure that any identified improvements in PE and sport are sustained, and physical activity continues to be an integrated part of the school day as a commitment to pupil’s health and wellbeing .   Our ambition is to:

  • Continue to introduce the children to a wider variety of sporting and adventure activities.
  • To support and encourage the children to be more active and participate in sports both at school and out of school.
  • Encourage a positive attitude to adopting a healthy lifestyle and positive mental wellbeing by using our expansive school grounds for maximum impact.
  • Provide opportunities for every class to participate in Forest School projects led by qualified Forest School Teacher.
  • To build teacher’s confidence, knowledge and skills using quality specialist coaches and teachers.
  • To adopt and apply a growth mindset philosophy in PE and sport so every child knows how to progress and feels valued.
  • Ensure swimming targets are met and provide opportunities for competent swimmers to develop safe self-rescue techniques.

Sports Premium 2022-2023

Funding received: £16530.

The evidence and impact statement for the Sports Premium can be accessed here

Sports Premium 2021-2022

Funding received: £16549.

The evidence and impact statement for the Sports Premium can be accessed here

Sports Premium 2020-2021

Funding Received £16600

The evidence and impact statement for the Sports Premium can be accessed here